Traineeship Subsidies

Helping individuals develop their palliative care career

Communities of care include not just those who make up the paid palliative care workforce, such as primary, specialist or community care providers, but also families, volunteers, carers and community support networks. Together, these people make up our ‘community of care’. Through this strategy, we will encourage communities of care to work in partnership, build leadership capabilities and encourage research, innovation and continuous improvement.

Palliative Care Tasmania, in partnership with Care Tasmania, will provide funding to support experienced Carers in developing their careers in ongoing paid work in palliative care. Support is in the form of an employer subsidy.

One of the most significant barriers experienced by individuals looking to further their palliative care career in paid employment is the perceived additional cost to the employer. This project aims to incentivise the employment of informal carers into the formal ranks within the paid workforce.

This incentive scheme has a number of pathways, it will enable:

  • unpaid carers with qualifications to enter or return to paid employment
  • the establishment of new apprenticeships/traineeships
  • On the job training

Strengthening Communities of Care

There are a number of initiatives that make up the Strengthening Communities of Care Workforce Development program.

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State of Palliative Care report

Workforce Symposium

Workforce Diversity

Core Capability Framework

Palliative Care Roundtables