Palliative Care Tasmania (PCT), the State’s peak body for palliative services, has welcomed the Premier of Tasmania, Peter Gutwein’ s commitment to palliative care following yesterday’s address in Parliament.

In the ‘State of the State’ speech, the Premier said he was committed to ensuring Tasmanians have better palliative care and that while there is ‘more to be done’, there will be a substantial investment to ensure Tasmanians continue to have improved levels of care.

PCT CEO Colleen Johnstone said she was enthusiastic to hear the Premier’s commitment.

“I’m not only pleased to hear the Government will be delivering a substantial investment to palliative care across the state, but also that they will be working collaboratively with Palliative Care Tasmania, the sector and the community to ensure the best outcomes for all Tasmanians facing a life limiting illness and end of life issues.”

Tasmanians are getting older and sicker at a faster rate than the rest of Australia and demand for palliative care is continuing to rise, with KMPG estimating a national increase in demand of 135% by around 2050, there has never been a more important time to take leadership and act.

“We are in a critical period of development and planning for the longer term and in order to meet the inevitable, unstoppable increase in demand we need this investment particularly in afterhours support, non-hospital settings including community settings, with primary care providers, in homes, and across the workforce.” Ms Johnstone said.

Palliative Care Tasmania has always had a strong and collaborative relationship with the Minister for Health, Sarah Courtney and her department. PCT looks forward to continuing to work with Government to ensure the investment strengthens the palliative care sector and provides greater access to support and services for all dying Tasmanians.



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