PalliHub – a digital community

What is PalliHub

PalliHub is an online platform created by Palliative Care Tasmania with the support of the Tasmanian Department of Health (via the Strengthening Communities of Care program). The Platform is designed to engage and connect the palliative care workforce (including specialist, generalist, and community people working, volunteering or caring for someone living with a life-limiting condition). Members can access community libraries and resources, search a membership directory and find out about educational opportunities and events in the Tasmanian palliative care sector. Members can also have real-time conversations, debates and discussions with peers. Special Interest Groups can also create their own communities and maintain their own events, discussions, libraries and blogs.

PalliHub is the first platform of its kind in the palliative care community within Australia. PalliHub is at the forefront of innovation, connection and workforce development.

Concept and Development

The PalliHub branding represents the communities of care within the Palliative care workforce. The circles within the logo are imperfect and organic in shape and colour; they overlap, representing services intersecting and connecting. The colours are designed to be uplifting and inspiring. While focusing on diversity and inclusion, the brand design lends itself to segmentation within a Tasmanian context. By creating a positive, contemporary feeling, we hope to provide an exciting resource for the palliative care community. Something to value and to feel proud to be a member of.

COVID Impact

During the PalliHub concept and development stage, the world was coming to terms with the global pandemic COVID-19. COVID-19 preventative measures increased the Palliative Care Workforce and Community’s potential for isolation. It was challenging for organisations and individuals to work together. The PalliHub community transcended COVID-19 restrictions. Individuals and communities were still able to collaborate, connect and share resources in a digital space. During the pandemic, people had become used to working/connecting in digital spaces so the technological barrier for entry into PalliHub was almost negated.

PalliHub has the following features:

General Public Access

  • Curated collection of online courses
  • Curated collection of Tasmanian courses
  • Curated collection of National University courses
  • Curated Educational Schedule (and Event) Calendar
  • Curated Palliative Care Internet resources
  • Palliative Care Workforce Jobs Board

PalliHub Member Access, All General Public Access Plus:

  • PalliHub staff Curated Library
  • Access to Communities within PalliHub (All Members Hub)
  • Access to Community libraries (for members to browse and upload resources)
  • Access to Discussion (real-time written conversations with members)
  • Access to Community Blogs (articles of information written in an informal or conversational style)
  • Access to Community Events (for members to browse and add their own events)
  • Access to PalliHub Membership Directory
  • Access to PalliHub inbox (for communicating with other PalliHub members)
  • Access to the PalliHub Digest


Membership continues to grow. PalliHub currently has over 300 members representing many aspects of the diverse palliative care workforce, some examples of which are listed below:

Social Worker, Legal practitioner, Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse, Health Promotion Officer, Clinical Nurse Manager, Policy & Health Promotion Officer, Electorate Officer, Director of Nursing, Health Literacy Coordinator, Palliative Medicine Specialist, Student, Volunteer, Accountant, Health Psychologist, Aged care worker, Dementia Consultant, Palliative physician, GP, End Of Life Doula, Nurse Practitioner, Customer Care Manager-In Home Care, Education programmes facilitator, physiotherapist, CEO, Policy Officer – Voluntary Assisted Dying, Connect & Age Well Officer, Politician

PalliHub members are also from a diverse range of organisations (more than 80 to date).

Join YOUR community in PalliHub

PalliHub is the flagship initiative of the Strengthening Communities of Care strategy. PalliHub is a sector owned and branded online digital platform for the palliative care workforce. It is a central resource to provide professional development opportunities, online training/education and information within a curated Tasmanian context.

Strengthening Communities of Care

There are a number of initiatives that make up the Strengthening Communities of Care Workforce Development program.

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