We are excited to launch, ‘What is Grief?’ a free children’s book created as a part of our Learning Through Loss program.

‘Have you ever lost something or someone important to you? If you have, then you have felt grief.’

‘What is Grief?’ is written by our Manager of Grief and Loss Programs, Jess Sanders, with beautiful illustrations by Stephanie Spartels.

The book is written for children aged 4 and older and goes through forms of grief including the death of a loved one, family separation, the loss of friendships, and the loss of a pet.

‘What is Grief?’ shows all the different ways grief can look and acknowledges that there is no wrong or right way to grieve. The book gives strategies to help children build resilience and navigate their big feelings. Children need permission from adults to grieve in the ways that feel right for them. The book also includes conversation prompters, to help with talking to a child about their grief.

Hard copies of the book can be requested from Jess at jess.sanders@pct.org.au. You can also download a copy from the Learning Through Loss website – www.learningthroughloss.org.au.

The Learning Through Loss program is made possible by the Tasmanian Department of Health, and Healthy Tasmania who co-fund the program. Learning Through Loss’s mission is to create grief-literate communities, and the program does this by offering free resources and grief literacy education to professionals and volunteers who work with children and young people.