Life limiting illnesses in the workplace

Presented by: Sharon King, Palliative Care Tasmania

Webinar: Thurs 4 Oct, 10am – 11am

There is an increasing number of people in our workplaces who are impacted by a life-limiting illness: some individuals may be diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, and others may become responsible for caring for a loved one. Death is an uncomfortable topic of conversation in our society and for many, dealing with it in the workplace is not easy either, whether for the affected worker, HR professionals, or managers/teams. Managers/HR professionals will learn how to have helpful, practical and sensitive discussions; and get guidance and information to help plan for dealing with life-limiting illness in the workplace. People with a life-limiting illness will learn how to make informed decisions on whether, and how long, to keep working, and initiate productive conversations about working with a life-limiting illness. Toolkits and resources for both these audiences will be provided.

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