The Learning Through Loss Program

Supporting educators to develop youth resilience in the face of grief and loss.

What is Learning Through Loss?

Most young people will encounter grief and loss for the first time in high school. Learning Through Loss is a professional learning training for educators and school staff which equips them with the tools they need to support young people who are navigating grief and loss. This training has the potential to prevent the development of mental illness in those young people who have been affected by grief and loss.

Navigating through grief and loss

Supporting young people through grief

To have resilience through grief and loss YOUNG PEOPLE need:

  • To understand they are not alone and that grief, loss and adversity are part of the human experience.
  • To have access to trusted adults who are able to actively listen and hold space for their feelings and experiences.
  • To hold the knowledge and resilience tools that will allow them to navigate grief and loss throughout their lives.

To meet the needs of young people experiencing grief and loss educators and SCHOOL STAFF need:

  • To feel confident to have conversations regarding grief, loss and palliative care.
  • The skills to actively listen and hold space for the feelings and experiences of young people.
  • Access to resilience tools that they can offer young people to empower them to navigate grief and loss.
  • To be able to practice self-care and fill their own cup so that they can sustainably care for students.

How can I get involved?

Learning Through Loss is a free training and available state-wide. The training is available as either a 1hr or 2hr session. Learning Through Loss will come to your school and can be flexible within your school’s schedule.

Contact program coordinator, Jess Sanders by emailing
or calling 0412431401 to book your training or enquire further.

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