Consumer voice: ‘On dying’ Jill’s story.

We’ve created this moving video featuring consumer advocate Jill Savell sharing her personal journey towards the end of her life. Jill, who has since died, trusted us to tell her story to support people facing life-limiting conditions in the hope that it may help them. We have also created a case study where Jill tells her story. This can be used alongside the video. In this case study, Jill urges people to understand the importance of advance care planning and documenting your wishes. “It’s not always easy to confront the realities of life’s end, but it is essential,”

Jill says.

This video is a powerful tool to share more personal and relatable Tasmanian stories on advance care planning. It delivers important messages in a format suitable for anyone.

We hope that people find resources like this one valuable so they can make informed decisions about their end-of-life care, creating compassionate communities who care for each other through life, death and loss.

We thank Jill for allowing us to tell her story, her support of PCT and her insights.

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