Healthy Dying for People With Disability.

Healthy dying for people with disability (HD4PWD) supports people with intellectual disability at the end of life. It supports people’s goals and delivers the best possible outcomes in life and death, by implementing better systems and practices, using great communication and educating and connecting everyone involved.

We know that people with a disability tend to:

  • die younger
  • have more than twice the rate of avoidable deaths
  • have twice the rate of emergency department and hospital admissions
  • live with more medical problems
  • live with more complex mental health conditions
  • experience diagnostic overshadowing
  • take multiple medications
  • be less likely to receive specialist palliative care at end of life

The HD4PWD training and toolkit aims to help everyone work together for the best possible outcomes, focus on communication and align with national safety and quality standards.

The toolkit is a set of practical resources to build disability service providers’ and health service providers’ capacity and capability. It’s built around five elements – shared:

  • decisions – setting goals together for the end of life
  • accountability – working together to make sure the person understands their condition, so they can plan and make decisions about the end of their life
  • communication – understanding the person’s communication style
  • documentation – writing clear, accurate, relevant and complete information to support safe end-of-life care
  • coordination – promptly coordinating care across service providers.

For more information or to book a training session for your organsiation  contact Hannah using the details below:

Hannah Butler 0447 240 846