Get Dead Set – Dying To Know Day

Join Palliative Care Tasmania for an engaging event on Dying to Know Day as we come together to explore vital aspects of end-of-life preparation.

Dying to Know Day is a public health campaign driven by people just like you which empowers Australians at all stages of life to live and to die well.

Talking about dying and death reduces fear and stigma surrounding death and conversations with key people in your life will ensure we live and die well.

This informative session will cover a range of topics, including:

  • How to prepare your important documents.
  • How to have conversations about dying
  • How can you plan your send off.

There will be time for an open discussion to share with one another about our experiences.

This event will provide an opportunity for an open discussion, allowing participants to share their own experiences and insights.

This session is designed to benefit the general community, offering valuable knowledge and guidance on end-of-life preparations.

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