Palliative Care Volunteers

Volunteers are an invaluable part of the supportive network of palliative care in Tasmania and across Australia.

Palliative care volunteers in our state are managed by the Hospice Volunteers South, the Hospice Care Association in the North-West and by the Palliative Care Service in the North.

Palliative care volunteers are individuals who have committed to sharing their time and helping people who are living with a life-limiting illness and their families.

For more information or to enquire about becoming a volunteer, please contact:

SOUTH: Hospice Volunteers South – (03) 6231 9249 / 

NORTH: Volunteer Support Service – (03) 6777 4544 /

NORTH WEST: Hospice Care Association Inc – (03) 6477 7747 /

For more information on other volunteering opportunities and supports in Tasmania, visit