Premier Jeremy Rockliff formally responded to Palliative Care Tasmania’s request for some certainty for our sector, particularly to ensure the projects and priorities currently underway were not affected by other election commitments.

While there is some security to 2026, there is still work to be done to decipher the detail and project allocations. It is important to note that this is not new money, this commitment to the sector is already budgeted for. We are left wondering if this is enough for palliative care at such a pivotal time for our sector and our community.

If the Liberal Government is returned on Saturday, we will work with them (and other Members of Parliament) to gain better clarity for the sector, and highlight the evidence based growing need of communities across our state.

We know that Tasmanians are older and sicker than any other state in Australia (ex NT) and that demand for palliative and end-of-life care is set to at least double in the very near future. Our 85+ year olds will increase five-fold in the next 8 years. The current demand for support outweighs the supply. These are big issues for us as a sector and for us as Tasmanians.

It is time for whoever forms Government to recognise how critical it is that we start focusing on compassionate communities, palliative and end of life care as a core value and a key metric in measuring our success. How we care for our ageing, sick, dying and grieving is a measure of who we are.

We must prepare now for the demand that will arrive, like a freight train, at the end of this decade.

PCT will continue to advocate on behalf of our 300+ Members who represent over 10,000 workers across the sector, for the 30,800 Tasmanians currently facing or supporting someone in their last year of life, for the thousands of others that are living with a life-limiting condition and for the over 5000 families/chosen loved ones who are grieving someone they lost last year.

Access to palliative care is a human right we’ll keep standing up for.

You can read the correspondence from the Premier below: