Speaker Spotlight

Each week we will highlight some of our amazing speakers. This week we are introducing  Dr Sophie Lewis who is presenting the topic:
Caring for self and for others: Experiences of front-line health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic
Find out more below.

Introducing Dr Sophie Lewis,  Senior Lecturer, The University of Sydney, NSW

Dr Sophie Lewis, is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney. A health sociologist and qualitative researcher, her research broadly focuses on understanding the experiences of living with long-term, often life limiting health conditions, and how to support people to live well with these conditions. This includes current Australian Research Council and NH&MRC projects exploring the experiences of loneliness for people living with chronic illnesses, living with uncertainty in the context of advanced incurable cancer, and end of life care decision-making. She has recently co-authored a book published in Routledge: Experiences of frontline health workers in the COVID-19 pandemic which shares the stories of frontline health workers during the second wave of COVID-19 in Australia.

It’s going to be an excellent presentation so come and join Dr Sophie Lewis, and the rest of the speakers at the Conference in November – here