Tasmanians, Let’s Talk About

Death, Dying, and Grief

Have you ever felt lost when it comes to navigating end-of-life decisions? You’re not alone.

Palliative Care Tasmania and the Death Literacy Institute are teaming up to understand how Tasmanians feel about death, dying, grief, and loss. This is crucial, because many people feel unprepared to deal with these inevitable experiences.

Here’s the reality facing Australians:

  • Only 20% know how to navigate the healthcare system for someone dying or needing aged care.
  • Just 33% feel confident navigating the funeral industry.
  • Half of us don’t know where to find information on palliative care, and even fewer (22%) know how to access it locally.

Now it’s Tasmania’s turn to share their thoughts.

This survey will help us understand where we stand compared to the rest of Australia. By participating, you’ll be contributing to creating resources and support that empower people, communities, and organisations to navigate end-of-life issues with confidence.

Take the survey and share your knowledge.

Your voice matters. The survey will only takes a few minutes of your time and will provide us with invaluable insights for Tasmania. We also encourage you to share it with your networks.

Click the link below to take the survey.

The survey closes on 3rd May 2024 24:00hrs and we’ll share the findings once completed.

Together, we can create a more informed and supported Tasmania when it comes to death, dying, and grief.