Core Capability Framework

What skills do we need?

Palliative Care Tasmania (PCT), in partnership with Stenning & Associates, have produced a Core Capability Framework. The framework has been developed to reflect the capabilities needed to provide palliative care for all people (paid and unpaid) who work and care for people with a life-limiting condition.

The Framework draws upon the general domains and indicators of capability contained within the Irish Palliative Care Competence Framework (Palliative Care Competence Framework Steering Group. (2014). Palliative Care Competence Framework. Dublin: Health Service Executive. Accessed February, 2022 (, adjusted to reflect the Tasmanian context

A Core Capability Framework describes skills, capabilities and characteristics required to deliver palliative care.

The production of a Core Capability Framework for the palliative care workforce in Tasmania enables the sector to strengthen the awareness of vital skills, education and leadership both required and already existing in the workforce across the state. The framework will be embedded in best practice human resources, with utilisation across recruitment, professional development and career pathway management for the sector’s employees.

Whilst the report has natural applicability to the paid workforce, it has also identified the informal skills held and gained by the involvement of unpaid support at a community level.

The provision of high-quality palliative care is a central responsibility of the whole health care system. Palliative care workforce members must possess the right competencies to effectively meet the needs of people with life-limiting conditions.

How was the Core Capability Framework created?

PCT engaged and worked in partnership with consultants Stenning & Associates to develop the Core Capability Framework based on similar existing frameworks (National and International). The project researched palliative care recruitment, professional development and career pathway planning. Key stakeholders, sector partners and members of the palliative care workforce were engaged in consultation. Results were analysed and a comprehensive report written.

What does a Core Capability Framework achieve?

The Core Capability Framework assists organisational/employee human resource policy and procedure, examples of which include:

  • Position description development and consistency
  • Frameworks for performance appraisal
  • Clarifying the expectations of new workers
  • Identifying training needs for employees
  • Developing a capability and training matrix for employees
  • Developing a feedback tool for clients and employees
  • Identifying your own skill/knowledge gaps
  • Tailoring training to meet workforce needs

When adopted by a workplace/organisation/individual, a Core Capability Framework can assist in:

  • Identifying needs for training of the palliative care workforce, ensuring best practice.
  • Stronger career pathways as both employers and potential employees understand the key selection criteria for palliative care roles.
  • Greater clarity and definition in the breadth and depth of the skill-sets of palliative care workers.
  • A improvement of the status of palliative care working and their career.

The Core Capability Framework is available as a physical and also a digital resource. It has been produced as a full colour A4 report and also a smaller A5 report summary.

For more information on how to utilise the Framework in your workplace or to order a physical copy for your organisation please contact and a member of the PCT will assist you.

You can read The Core Capability Framework Report:

Here – Best for viewing on a screen

Here – Best for printing

There is also a Core Capability Framework Summary – here

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