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Felicity Weeding (Acting Chair)2020-08-17T14:19:37+10:00
Felicity Weeding

A senior manager responsible for the complexities and governance of a large aged care facility in southern Tasmania.  Throughout a career of people and change leadership has delivered consistent accreditation; implementation of various care management systems; increased funding; reduction in costs and improved profitability.

Has a collegiate approach within the industry and is regularly contacted for advice and mentoring.  Known as a highly motivated and organised professional, continues to undertake study with the aim of achieving an MBA and board positions.  Her motivation is also evident in her personal life where she has successfully raised a large family and run half and full marathons.  

Strategic management skills, drive and strong intellect will see her suited for executive roles across many business sectors.

has a Diploma of Accounting and Diploma of Project Management

Ailsa McLaren2020-08-17T14:19:55+10:00
Ailsa McLaren


Ailsa grew up in the UK and spent several years pursuing an academic career in Biomedical and Nursing Ethics.  This including teaching and working on a number of research projects exploring the commodification of human tissue and legal definitions of mental capacity.  She was also the Vice-Chair of a local research ethics committee for three years.

Feeling a need to develop a clinical role, Ailsa qualified as a Registered Nurse in 2011 and worked as a Community Nurse with a particular passion for palliative and end of life care.  

In 2013, Ailsa moved to Tasmania and has since worked as a Registered Nurse in the private health sector.  She joined the Palliative Care Tasmania Board of Directors in 2018.

Catherine Martin2020-01-14T15:29:00+11:00
Catherine Martin


Cate is an attorney with significant experience in the innovative pharmaceutical sector.  She was formerly General Counsel for the Australia & New Zealand business of Eli Lilly and Company.

Cate spent some years in Europe as General Counsel for the Africa, Middle East, Russia & Asia businesses of the company.  She has led legal teams in China and Japan and, based in the United States as the company’s global Chief Privacy Officer, led a global team of privacy professionals.

In August 2018 Cate returned to Australia choosing Tasmania as her new home.  Cate is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Ann Allenby2020-01-14T15:27:03+11:00
Anne Allenby

Anne AllenbyAnn has worked as a nurse within Specialist Palliative Care since 1990. During this time, she has been a Registered Nurse on the Whittle Ward at the Repatriation Centre, and also a Clinical Coordinator of the Southern Specialist Palliative Care Service with Tasmanian Health Service (THS). 

Ann is presently the Assistant Director of Nursing for Cancer Services within THS. This encompasses the Specialist Palliative Care Unit, Whittle Ward, Community Palliative Care Service, and Oncology Services within the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) – 9A, 8A, 1A, Holman Clinic and Clinical Trials Units. She is also involved with the Cancer Support Centre at the RHH. 

Ann has a Bachelor of Nursing, Graduate Certificate in Health (Palliative Care) and Graduate Diploma in Public Health. 

She commenced her appointment with the Palliative Care Tasmania Board of Directors in 2018. 

Leigh Connell2020-01-14T15:27:57+11:00
Leigh Connell


Leigh brings over 25 years’ experience of working in the Community Sector with diverse communities such as people with disabilities, those experiencing homelessness, those living with mental illness and at risk of displacement due to impact of climate change. 

Leigh’s work has afforded her many opportunities to develop and utilize her skills with leading organisations at a community level, as part of management teams and as a representative on peak bodies. 

Leigh holds a passion that each person and their families feel empowered and supported to engage in their own end of life journey via awareness, education and suitable choices. She spends time volunteering with Hospice Volunteers both at the Whittle Ward and in the community, and can often be found up to her elbows in the garden.

Peter Bradley2020-01-14T15:21:26+11:00
Peter Bradley


Peter has worked as a Registered Nurse, Exercise Scientist and Exercise Physiologist for more than thirty years, with a journey of enduring an illness society, whilst promoting a quality and wellness lifestyle.
In educating others of ‘getting our basics right’ including sleep, breathing, hydration, excretion, nutrition, homeostasis and libido, Peter believes we can increase our incidental activity and set a firm base for a quality journey into our daily path of life and death. 

Peter’s philosophy is to be well and have fun.

Kristen Aylmer 2020-01-14T15:37:14+11:00
Kristen Aylmer 

Profile coming soon.

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