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Felicity Weeding (Acting Chair)2020-08-17T14:19:37+10:00
Felicity Weeding

A senior manager responsible for the complexities and governance of a large aged care facility in southern Tasmania.  Throughout a career of people and change leadership has delivered consistent accreditation; implementation of various care management systems; increased funding; reduction in costs and improved profitability.

Has a collegiate approach within the industry and is regularly contacted for advice and mentoring.  Known as a highly motivated and organised professional, continues to undertake study with the aim of achieving an MBA and board positions.  Her motivation is also evident in her personal life where she has successfully raised a large family and run half and full marathons.  

Strategic management skills, drive and strong intellect will see her suited for executive roles across many business sectors.

has a Diploma of Accounting and Diploma of Project Management

Ailsa McLaren2020-08-17T14:19:55+10:00
Ailsa McLaren


Ailsa grew up in the UK and spent several years pursuing an academic career in Biomedical and Nursing Ethics.  This including teaching and working on a number of research projects exploring the commodification of human tissue and legal definitions of mental capacity.  She was also the Vice-Chair of a local research ethics committee for three years.

Feeling a need to develop a clinical role, Ailsa qualified as a Registered Nurse in 2011 and worked as a Community Nurse with a particular passion for palliative and end of life care.  

In 2013, Ailsa moved to Tasmania and has since worked as a Registered Nurse in the private health sector.  She joined the Palliative Care Tasmania Board of Directors in 2018.

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Catherine Martin