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2023 Tasmanian Palliative Care Awards

Palliative Care Tasmania (PCT) is pleased to announce the launch of the seventh annual Tasmanian Palliative Care Awards, celebrating compassion and excellence in the care of those who are living with a life-limiting illness, dying or grieving in Tasmania.

Her Excellency the Honourable Barbara Baker Governor of Tasmania and Patron of Palliative Care Tasmania has officially launched the nomination period which begins today, the 22nd of May, the beginning of National Palliative Care Week.

The nomination process very easy, and it should only take a few minutes to nominate someone – please take the time, you will make someone’s day just by nominating them.

PCT is also seeking nominations for the 2023 ‘Joy Coghlan’ Tasmanian Palliative Care Honour Roll (proudly supported by ). This recognition is for someone who has made an outstanding long-term contribution to the sector. The honour ensures these contributions are given full recognition and not forgotten in the passage of time. Nominations for the Honour Roll can include those who are still working, retired, or who have died.

Key Dates 2023

Launch of Awards Campaign & nominations open 22nd May 2023
Nominations close 7th July 2023
Judging completed & finalist announced 13th July 2023
Awards Ceremony 8th August 2023

Award Categories

1) Outstanding Palliative Care Professional

Open to any individual working in palliative care in Tasmania. May include: specialist and generalist palliative care staff, nurses, clinicians, doctors, allied health professionals, GPs pharmacists, CEOs, NFP staff, aged care workers, administrators, marketers, academics and researchers, educators.

Millingtons Funerals & Cemeteries is one of Tasmania’s oldest funeral companies and has helped our community say goodbye for nearly a century. Understanding that times of loss require compassion and tailored professionalism, to say farewell in a way as individual as your loved one. Milington provides a full suite of services to Tasmanians, ensuring they help celebrate the life of your loved ones. Their mission is to provide the Tasmanian community with the highest standard of personal and professional care in the delivery of funeral and cemetery services.


2) Outstanding Palliative Care Volunteer/Carer

Open to any individual (volunteer or carer) supporting Tasmanians with a life-limiting illness and their families. May include: Palliative and hospice care volunteers, hospital volunteers, community volunteers, cancer support centre volunteers, aged care volunteers, family, friends, loved ones that have gone above and beyond in the support of someone with a life limiting condition, including young carers.

We are seeking financial assistance to support the delivery of the 2023 Tasmanian Palliative Care Awards which will enable us to ensure palliative care workers, programs, organisations, and volunteers are recognised and rewarded for the enormous contribution they make.

Our Partners will benefit from the strong association with Palliative Care Tasmania and make a meaningful and significant contribution individuals, groups, and communities.

3) Outstanding Palliative Care Service Provider

Open to any individual or organisation providing palliative care to Tasmanians with a life-limiting illness. May include: Palliative care units, hospitals, GP practices community outreach teams, multi-purpose and health centres, district or regional hospitals, allied health providers aged care and home care providers, councillors, social workers volunteer organisations, community groups, community services and psycho-social supports, funeral directors, bereavement service providers.

The Public Trustee is a Government Business Enterprise that provides important services to the people of Tasmania. They help thousands of Tasmanians each year with preparing a Will and estate plan, estate administration, or trustee services. The Public Trustee often serves as a safety net in situations where individuals may not have adequate support to assist them manage their affairs.


4) Outstanding Achievement in Palliative Care

Open to any individual or organisation working or associated with palliative care in Tasmania. May include: all the above categories plus non-direct and non-clinical achievements such as academics, projects, disability, inclusivity, policy work, peak bodies, NFP staff, teams and projects, art and creative achievements, advocacy, fundraising and awareness, champions, change makers and more.

The District Nurses provides a range of home-based care services, including Home Care Packages; Short-term Restorative Care, nursing, personal care and domestic assistance under both HACC and Commonwealth Home Support funding; and Clinic based services.

The District Nurses also has State Government funding to deliver additional services to support people at end of life through the End-of-Life Care Supplementary Service (EOLCSS).


5) Excellence in Palliative Care – Aged Care setting

Open to any individual or organisation working or associated with palliative care in Tasmania working or associated in a residential aged care setting or home care provider setting. May include aged care organisations, staff, volunteers, support workers, team members, service providers and more.

ACCPA membership is open to all providers of aged and community care services, retirement living, seniors housing and aligned services.
ACCPA support our members to be high performing, respected and sustainable service providers.
ACCPA understand that effective representation is best achieved through facilitated sector collaboration, research and advocacy.
ACCPA ensure that all ACCPA members are equally represented and valued, regardless of their organisational size, structure, location or service offerings.


6) Excellence in Palliative Care – Community setting

Open to any individual or organisation working or associated with palliative care in Tasmania working or associated in delivering services or care in a community setting. May include community nursing teams, outreach, GPs and practice nurses, community health centres and staff, community houses, community service organisations, transport orgs, meal providers, support services,  holistic and social supports and more.

caring@home is a national palliative care project that provides free resources to support clinicians, community service providers, and carers to help manage end-of-life symptoms for individuals receiving palliative care at home, including the safe use of subcutaneous medicines. Standard resources, tailored resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families and translated resources in nine commonly spoken languages are available. To learn more, visit

The ‘Joy Coghlan’  Tasmanian Palliative Care Honour Roll

The Tasmanian Palliative Care Honour Roll was established in 2020 by Palliative Care Tasmania to honour Tasmanian men and women who have made an outstanding contribution our sector.

The Honour Roll ensures these contributions are given full recognition and not forgotten in the passage of time.

Nominations for the Honour Roll can include those that have contributed to the sector and are still working, that have retired or that have died.

We pay our respects to those people who appear on the Honour Roll. May they inspire and motivate future generations of people to make a difference.

If you have any questions about nominating please email admin@pct.org.au

Karadi has a long history of providing programs to assist with Health and Wellbeing Management, Aged Care Services, Youth Support, Men’s Group, Family Support, Community Lunches and many other social activities. Karadi prides itself on being a welcoming place fit both the Aboriginal Community and the general community as a whole under our Neighbourhood House Tasmania programs and initiatives.


With thanks to Joy Coghlan

Joy Coghlan left a substantial bequest to PCT after she died in January  2021 aged 91. Joy hoped that her contribution to the work of Palliative Care Tasmania would ensure that many Tasmanians would have access to quality palliative care and be supported to live and die well.

Joy was very grateful to the many neighbours, friends, support workers, carers support her to live at home for as long as possible before she moved to care.

Joy’s contribution to PCT will ensure key education, reward and recognition projects will continue and make a positive impact. We will remember her and her contribution through the highest honour of our sector.

Joy was a woman who was intelligent, had a strong sense of spirituality, and had lived a very interesting life.  Joy and her husband Bob shared a passion for photography and nature and were credited with discovering the Derwent Valley Wattle. Bob’s grandfather was the Prime Minister of Australia, Sir Joseph Cook, and later the High Commissioner to Great Britain. Joy was laid to rest with Bob on January 21 2021 in  Malbina, Tasmania.

Criteria and eligibility

  • Entry is free
  • Nominations should take about 10 minutes
  • Nominations close at midnight, July 7 2023
  • A person can be nominated for multiple award categories, but each nomination must be submitted on a separate nomination form
  • Self-nominations are accepted
  • The nominee(s) must be residing in Tasmania
  • It is expected that nominees that are chosen as finalists will attend the Awards
  • All nomination information, photos and supporting materials collected during the process may be used and distributed by PCT for media and promotional purposes.
  • Nominations that are incomplete or not received by the due date will not be accepted
  • The primary organisation the work was undertaken with will be notified if the person is a finalist.
  • If you have a question regarding Awards eligibility, please contact admin@pct.org.au or call (03) 6231 2799.

Judging and Selection

Selection panels comprising experienced community, government and business leaders will meet around each category to select the 2023 award recipients.

Palliative Care Award Nomination 2023

Palliative Care Award Nomination 2023




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(You must provide an address for your nominee to receive a certificate)

PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS - Individual and Organisational Award Nominations

PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS - The ‘Joy Coughlan’ Honour Roll Award Nominations


The Awards would simply not be possible without the support of our wonderful partners who are committed to the sector and the people within it. We encourage everyone to support the organisations that support us.

Category Partners

The 2023 Tasmanian Palliative Care Awards are the only state-wide awards that recognise compassion and excellence in Palliative Care across the state. This is our opportunity to acknowledge the many selfless individuals and organisations assisting people with a life-limiting illness to live, die and grieve well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for nomination? Can I nominate myself or my workplace?2020-08-25T21:09:51+10:00

Each category has its own eligibility criteria which can be found under each category description. Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. One of the goals of this Awards program is to let people know about the many and varied ways that people contribute to Palliative Care organisations.

I work for the organisation that is sponsoring the Award. Can I still nominate for this Award?2020-08-25T21:09:24+10:00

Yes. The Awards are not judged by sponsors.

How do I nominate someone for an award?2020-08-25T21:08:46+10:00

Nominations are made via the online official nomination forms listed under each category. Paper nomination forms are also available by request by contacting admin@pct.org.au or call (03) 6231 2799.

How many nominations can I make?2020-08-25T21:08:22+10:00

There is no limit, however each nomination must be made on a separate form.

When do nominations close?2022-05-24T11:11:28+10:00

Midnight 18th July 2022

How do I know if you have received my nomination?2020-08-25T21:07:30+10:00

All online nominations will be acknowledged by email on submission. If you do not receive an automated email, please email admin@pct.org.au Paper nominations will be acknowledged on receipt by phone or email.

Can I nominate someone but not give my name?2020-08-25T21:07:03+10:00

No. We need your name and contact details in case your nomination gets to the finalist round. You are also required to get permission from the person you are nominating.

Do I have to tell the nominee I am nominating them?2020-08-25T21:06:37+10:00

Yes. It is a condition of entry that you have informed the nominee. Please do not nominate someone if they have asked you not to but do encourage them. Recognition for the work they do is important and provides awareness of Palliative Care in the community.

Please note that you will also be required to provide contact details for the nominee as part of your nomination form. We also suggest talking about the questions with them – they may be able to offer some extra information

How are the nominations judged and the finalists chosen?2020-08-25T21:05:53+10:00

Nominations will be assessed by a Selection Panel. Nominations will be judged based on the answers given to the questions on the nomination form.

Whoops! I just found out more about my nominee, can I redo my nomination?2020-08-25T21:05:26+10:00

Yes. Please re-do your nomination form, then send us an email to tell us to replace your first nomination with your new one. In your email please give us your contact details and the category you had nominated under so we can find your first nomination easily. Our email is admin@pct.org.au

When are the winners announced?2022-05-24T11:12:40+10:00

Winners will be announced 25th July 2022

How will the Awards ceremony take place this year due to Covid192020-08-25T21:00:47+10:00

The 2020 Awards ceremony will be held online on the 5th of November 2020
From 1pm – 2pm. Please save the date. All finalists and their nominators will be invited to attend via zoom link.

Can I nominate someone who has deceased?2020-08-25T20:59:47+10:00


Can I nominate someone who has won before?2020-08-25T20:59:06+10:00


How are nominees, finalists and winners acknowledged?2020-08-25T20:58:29+10:00

All nominees, finalists will receive a certificate.
Category winners will receive a trophy.

What is the Community Charter Award?2020-08-25T20:57:42+10:00

The Tasmanian Palliative Care Community Charter is the result of extensive consultations with Tasmanian service providers and community members, including Tasmanian Aboriginals and people from a range of cultures and social groups. The following principles reflect the voices of Tasmanians about what matters most to them.
The award is open to any individual or organisation supporting Tasmanians with a life-limiting illness and their families. This is an individual or organisation that has demonstrated excellence in embedding one or more of the
Charter Principals into practice.

The Charter is built on a Compassionate Communities approach, which recognises that palliative care is an important, shared responsibility for all Tasmanians. At the end of life, we all need to know that services and resources are available to us, our carers and other people who are important to us.

The Charter demonstrates our shared commitment to advocate for compassionate and quality palliative care.
The Tasmanian community and service providers are committed to the following principles:

  • Relief from Pain and Other Causes of Distress
  • Respect, Dignity and Person-Centred Care
  • Good Communication
  • Coordination of Care
  • Place of Care and Place of Death
  • Fair Access to Care
  • Help with Planning End-of-Life Care
  • Support for People Important to Us
  • Support for the Unique Needs of Children, Young People and our Families
  • Support for Aboriginal People in Tasmania
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